wow. it took me a loooong time to realize how unhappy i was!  sad even.  bad, unhealthy decisions had led me to such a yucky place.

well, i’m digging out of the yuck and now i’m in it for the happy! on a daily basis, i make better decisions. i no longer worry about what ‘they’ think. who are they anyway? i choose what is best for me and my family. 

i’ve been a stay at home mom for the last 4 years and for a few years on and off before that. i’m involved in my community and have recently struggled with the decision of whether or not to go back to work. i’m going back to work, but on my terms and turf. i’m a virtual assistant! it’s the coolest job ever and the best decision i’ve ever made.

in it for the happy will share some stories from my journey to live life for the right reasons.

are you in it for the happy?


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