sorry for party rockin’ …

So, the other morning on the way to school, LMFAO’s Sorry for Party Rockin’ comes up on the radio and I turn it up at #1’s request. We are the front seat and are singing away having a great time when all of a sudden, #2 says … ‘MOM! STOP IT! YOU ARE WAAAYYY TOO OLD TO BE PARTY ROCKIN’!!!!!! You’re so embarrassing! It’s making me sick!’ He’s 7. Ugh! This is just the beginning!

After I stopped myself from letting him out of the car on the curb RIGHT THERE, I turned up the music and dropped off the kids with LMFAO blasting out of the windows!

I have learned a few things since that day.  1. My kids are waaayyyy too YOUNG to be Party Rockin’! Yikes! That song says ‘Whiskey Dick’, which is hysterical for us dinosaurs that graduated in the early 90’s, but not so awesome for those that will graduate in the class of 2020 something or other!  2. As hard as I try to fight it, I am TURNING IN TO MY MOTHER! Even though, she drove a Bitchin’ Camaro when I was in High School, and I just have a Mini Van that looks like a tampon, I am turning in to her … here’s why …

It’s 1990, and it’s 3:10, quitting time as far as us freshmen are concerned.  I gather my things and head out to Putnam Street to find my mom in her faded, navy blue ’78 Bitchin’ Camaro. Before she can get me, she has to round up my two younger siblings from Olson, and scrunch them in the backseat with my 3 year-old brother. Thank God I get the front seat. I am the oldest after all. I look up and down Putnam and I don’t see her, but I know she is there. How? How do I know she is there? The beat? Which beat? This Beat …

This Beat is Technotronic. My mom LOVED Technotronic! I mean, my mom LOVES Technotronic! She wore that tape out … more than once!  So, when  I couldn’t find her, I would just listen for the beat … kind of like putting your hand on the railroad tracks … and I would know she was just around the corner.

So, kids, I will not be Sorry for Party Rockin’! When you can’t find me, just listen for the beat!

for the happy,


P.S.  No more LMFAO for you kids! Put that on your mortgage list! Geez, those lyrics, they make me feel old!  Wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah!